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The Cost of Discipleship - November 6, 2021

Luke 14:25-35 When I was a little boy, my mother and father frequently went to auctions. At one such auction in the late 90’s, a whole bunch of old computer equipment came up for sale: computer terminals with their green screens and keyboards, teletype terminals, piles of cables, and to top it off - a computer mainframe roughly the size of a kitchen stove. My father made the opening bid at $1, and nobody else put a bid in. Read More

Who do I Want to Be? - September 27, 2020

I think, for a long time, I have had this notion that I will change eventually. In my mind, there has been this picture of “Calvin the Scholar” and “Calvin the Man of God” - a picture of a man devoted to studying the scriptures and living them out. There is also a picture of a man following the ideals I hold - a certain degree of practical minimalism (ie, living with less and not pursuing the dream of buying more and more and more and…), of relying on a bicycle to get around, of knowing and loving my neighbors… Read More

Young Life Posters - June 6, 2016

When I was a Young Life Leader in Saskatoon, one of my regular tasks was to create the posters for our Young Life Clubs (a Friday night event for the community kids). I think the first few posters used material from the Wikimedia Commons, edited together in GIMP. The trouble with this method of creating posters was that it was extremely time consuming to find what I was looking for (and I seldom found anything matching “what I was looking for”), so I quickly moved into creating custom graphics for our posters. Read More

UI Design Project - June 1, 2016

For my final project in user interface design, I had to create “my perfect website”. The website I chose to make is an overhauled version of the Coaldale Mennonite Church website (Note from 2018: This was never submitted to or used by Coaldale Mennonite Church). The website I designed was built using CSS (the dropdown menus are CSS driven), and PHP. The platform we were given to host it on at the college did not have any database support, so I instead built it to parse textfiles rather than running database queries in order to generate the content. Read More

Sugar, Sugar Everywhere - March 16, 2016

As the Christmas break began, I transitioned to a wheat free diet. I was inspired by the book Wheat Belly to try this back in 2013 when I lived in Saskatoon. The basic idea that resonated with me at the time was that Wheat is high on the glycemic index, causes your blood sugar levels to spike, and feeds a vicious feedback cycle of sugar highs and lows which contributes to obesity, diabetes and so on. Read More

Team Randomizer - April 15, 2015

About a month back, we had to pick teams in which to do our accounting project. My professor told us that if we had not chosen a team by a certain date, he would write the names of all the unpaired people on small pieces of paper, put them in a hat and draw them out. In this day and age, I thought for sure that he must be joking. As it turns out, he was not. Read More

First PHP Website - April 12, 2015

This past semester, one of the courses I have been taking is an introduction to Database design and management. Towards the end of the semester, one of the projects we had to take on was to design and implement a database. As I understood it, we were to “choose any database we like, so long as we had an appropriate interface” (paraphrase). As far as what we build a database for, that was entirely up to us. Read More

Medical History XML Parse - March 10, 2015

It can be quite handy to know ones medical history. Knowing if you have a history of heart disease, cancer, or psychological issues can help one make good lifestyle choices (often we don’t – but that’s beside the point). More importantly, your family medical history can be an invaluable tool to helping your doctor assess and treat your current and future health issues. A great tool that helps users document and organize their medical history is the My Family Health Portrait. Read More

Using The Experts You Already Have - November 16, 2014

This is a Speech I wrote for Intro To Management as a means of presenting a key idea I learned in the process of writing my research paper which discusses the advantage of having a flat/lateral hierarchy and empowering your employees to make decisions. Introduction Professor Meheden, Fellow Classmates, If you are the head of an organization, chances are that you desire to see it flourish. This being the case, I have to ask: Why are you making all of the decisions? Read More

Simple Flash Card - November 14, 2014

One of my goals is to get my A+ certification this coming Spring (or sooner, if possible). As I have been going through my Computer Hardware Maintenance Textbook, I am discovering that there are plenty of things I need to memorize – general facts that I need to know. For some of the legacy hardware I am required to know about, I have already memorized these things (e.g. I know that 3. Read More

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