Calvin's Train of Thought

After Hours CIT Tutorial - October 26, 2014

website screenshotI have heard some students complaining about the difficulties they are having in learning the material in our various courses (programming, html, etc). It occurred to me to that there are some of us studying this material for whom it comes easily. Given this, I thought, why not start a program to organize sessions in which those of us who find this material easy tutor those who find the material hard.

I set to work creating a website that would eventually be put on a server (using cgi scripts to generate content and handle user input) and would then match up users with tutors (or groups of users with tutors). Ultimately, the site never got beyond the initial design phase – but it was still good practice.

The overall look of the site that I was going for was one that would give the feel of a sitting room or an old style gentlemen’s club (and by gentlemen’s club, I do NOT mean strip club!). To achieve this, I took a great number of pictures from the wikimedia commons and edited them together using GIMP to create the page header and the background image for the text section of the site. The list of image sources is long, but it is included in the website itself (so I will not list it here).

As with the Rempel STS page, there are only a few pages that were brought to any level of completion on this site, so many of the links do not lead anywhere).

If you want, check it out for yourself.