Calvin's Train of Thought

First PHP Website - April 12, 2015

Code ScreenshotThis past semester, one of the courses I have been taking is an introduction to Database design and management. Towards the end of the semester, one of the projects we had to take on was to design and implement a database. As I understood it, we were to “choose any database we like, so long as we had an appropriate interface” (paraphrase). As far as what we build a database for, that was entirely up to us. So, I gave it some thought.

Initially, I thought I might like to create some sort of accounting database, either trying to write my own interface or trying to create an interface in MS-Access. The more I thought about what would be required to create a general purpose accounting database that could accommodate the various entries involved in merchandising, journaling and so on, I realized that this may be a project with a sufficiently complex scope that I would not want to try to tackle it in the limited time I have to do this project.

Then it hit me! I should create a database for my website! After all, I have been wanting to convert it to a dynamic, database driven website for some time! The database itself should be fairly simple, and how hard could it be to write the interface for it in PHP? All it has to be able to do is handle user sign ups, log ins, comments, creating articles, editing articles, validating user access authority, uploading pictures… etc… etc… etc… It didn’t occur to me how many “simple” website behaviors I would have to code. It was a LOT more work than I anticipated. And a LOT to learn.

While this was a good learning experience, I can definitely see why so many people use a prebuilt system like Joomla or WordPress. And IF I do something like this again, there are a great many things I would do differently. But anyway. That’s all for today.