Calvin's Train of Thought

Rempel STS - October 10, 2014

Website ScreenshotThis semester, one of the courses I am taking is HTML and Web Design. Having learned how to use CSS style sheets and the DIV tag, I decided that I would go about making a fake web-page.

Now, among my many interests is space travel and exploration. I follow what organizations like NASA and SpaceX are generally up to. In my free time, I tend to play a great deal of Kerbal space program. I mostly listen to Science Fiction with an increasing preference for Hard Sci-Fi. In particular, I love much of the old sci-fi by authors such as Robert Heinlein, and have recently enjoyed some more recent books by Ben Bova. So, with SpaceX unveiling the Dragon 2, I thought I would create my own fictitious space-flight company and a corresponding website.

And thus “Rempel Space Transportation Systems” was born. After a few hours creating the graphics for the website in inkscape (with the banner background courtesy of NASA) and a basic rocket ship design that reflected classic sci-fi rocket design with a bit of a modern twist.

Overall, while there were many imperfections with the design (and the content is incomplete, meaning that many of the links are invalid), I felt like it helped me to get some valuable practice with CSS and learn some things about how it all fits together. Given how the buttons scale to become very small depending on the screen size, I can definitely see how plain-text links would be superior. I probably will not do a great deal with image based buttons in the future.

If you want, check it out for yourself.